Homeopathy Needs Active Promotion from Indian Govt: Interview Dr. Banerjee

(Lovely interview!)

1st September 2015
Dr Banerjee:  My doctors and I handle very high number of cancer patients on a regular basis. The clinic has developed a reputation of curing untreatable cancers and helping patients who have been declared terminal or those that are non-refractory to chemotherapy or radiation therapy.  Patients, who are ineligible for chemotherapy, also show remarkable response to treatment at our clinic using the Advanced Homeopathy protocols.

Biplob: Tell us something about your humanitarian gesture i.e. to provide free consultations to everyone who comes for treatment during the free clinic hours on daily basis.

Dr Banerjee: I have been giving consultations without charging any fee every day that I have worked for the last 38 years. The charitable hours at the clinic start from 4:30 pm and we often work till 11 pm and later. From small beginnings, today my clinic sees over 700 patients for free every day. We have served over five million prescriptions without any consultation charge. This is made possible by the hard work of the doctors that work alongside me and members of the staff.

We have streamlined the process of consultation and prescription. By using the evidence based Advanced Homeopathy protocols, my doctors and I have been able to write out prescription with confidence. Thus, the hundreds of patients who wait for hours outside my clinic every day are able to be receive care. Even so, several hundred patients have to be turned away since we are just not able to see all the patients that want to be treated every single day. The clinic sees far more patients every day than some of the busiest hospitals in the country.