Dear Friend

Dear Friend

I would like to introduce you to the Homeopathic Medical Association. The H.M.A. is an association of qualified professional Homeopaths. Members must have passed a qualifying examination at a college approved by the Council and/or proved their worthiness to practise the art and science of homeopathy to the satisfaction of the Council. Members are bound by a strict Code of Ethics and Practise and obliged to carry professional indemnity insurance so that the public may seek treatment with absolute confidence.

Members may use the letters M.H.M.A. after their names. From time to time the Council awards fellowship of the associates, F.H.M.A., to members who give worthy service to the Association or to Homeopathy in general.

It is becoming more important that qualified Homeopaths become registered as we go into Europe. The H.M.A. publishes a register of qualified homeopaths annually.

The aims of the association are - to promote, protect and unify Homeopathy.

Benefits of the Association are - a regular journal, newsletter, reduced fees for seminars and congresses and professional support which is particularly relevant as we enter the European Community.

We look forward to you becoming a new member of our Association.

Please reply to:

The Registrar
Balbir Nandra

22 Pelham Road South, Gravesend, Kent, DA11 8QR


Yours faithfully




Balbir Nandra



Criteria of Membership for the Homeopathic Medical Association

Criteria of Membership for the Homeopathic Medical Association

1. To apply for membership, please send completed application form, plus a photocopy of your certificate or diploma of Homeopathic qualification.

2. Send five case histories.

Each case must consist of at least two follow - up sessions following the first consultation, although treatment may still be continuing. Your notes must be typed with accompanying notes to explain the following points:

1. Symptoms of the main complaint.

2. Observation of patient.

3. Constitutional type if any.

4. Method of selection and reasons for choice of guiding symptoms including sources of reference, Kent, Boericke, etc. and repertorisation.

5. Reasons for choice of remedy and potency, your prognosis, how you expect your patient to progress under treatment.

Please note that the case histories will not be returned.

3. Applicants should send in a copy of clinical hours. Minimum number required are 100 hours which must have been with at least 2 Registered Homeopathic Practitioners.

4. After the application has been processed, the applicant will be invited to attend a compulsory interview before formal registration takes place.

5. A separate fee of £70.00 should be sent with the application made payable to The HMA, to cover the cost of processing the application.

6. The Registrar reserves the right to make a site visit, if he considers it necessary, or send his representative to observe the practitioner treating his patients.

7. Overseas applicants should remit cheques in Pounds Sterling.

8. Any applicant who is unable to satisfy some of the above criteria should return a completed application form in the first instance.

9. Applicants should also send in a passport size photograph of themselves with the application form.


Cheque payable to HMA


Cheque payable to Balen Ltd

Please send all payments with your application.