Annual Conference Report 2014

Louise McLeanBy Louise McLean LCCH, MHMA Sunday 6th April 2014

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Once again we held our conference at the School of Pharmacy in London on a day that started off with rain but ended with sunny weather! The theme this year was centred around Women's Problems, such as Infertility and the Menopause, the speakers all being female, except for Dr Nikunj M Trivedi. 

Journey through the Menopause.

We were very fortunate to have a very experienced lecturer on women's problems, Sallie Rose, who has given talks for many years on the subject. She said that there were shocking effects from taking HRT and luckily it is not reccommended by doctors nowadays as much as it used to be.HRT can cause breast cancer, fibroids and endometriosis. She said in order to come off it, patients should take HRT 30c twice weekly. Sallie said women are forced to go to doctors for the menopause, as it is seen as a disease. She believes it is actually the sum total of a women’s life, bringing up all the miasms and it is a very creative milestone. She spoke about how the menopause is viewed in a different light in other cultures and how many women go through it with ease.

Sallie RoseSallie finds Folliculinum a very good remedy to clear the ill effects of the Pill or after an operation for removal of the ovaries or a hysterectomy. She said the main remedies for menopause are Folliculinum, Sepia, Cimicifuga and Lachesis. Folliculinum is a good remedy for infertility and its mental picture is very similar to Carcinosin. They are better at the onset of menses. Folliculinum is also a good remedy if a woman has been sexually abused, having lost her sense of self. These patients tend to give everything of themselves and have a sense of being fed off emotionally and psychologically. They become drained and closed off, doormats, co-dependants, addicted to rescuing people. They can be hyperactive and have difficulty with boundaries. Lachesis patients become hypersexual after menopause. They are very sensitive and suppress their passion, which comes out as incessant talking.

Conquering Infertility with Homeopathy

The second speaker of the morning was Dr Nikunj M Trivedi who started off by mentioning the power of the letter ‘H’ in homeopathy and how every major religion either started with that letter or had it in it.

Dr Nikunj M TrivediDr Trivedi stated that infertility had increased by 4% since 1980 in his own practice. In women this was due to various factors such as long term use of the Pill, fibroids, vaginismus, and polycystic ovaries. In men, the causes were azospermia, oligospermia, hydrocele and varicocele. He stressed the importance of diet and recommended that men alkaline their semen by drinking milk and eating almonds. He also believed that fluoride in tap water was having a bad effect and that it should be boiled before use. Dr Trivedi discussed the sexual symptoms of the psoric, syphilitic, sycotic and tubercular patients. He said if there were ovarian cysts, that Apis was excellent to clear them and it also worked for cysts in other parts of the body. If there is a blockage of the fallopian tubes he said Silicea was excellent for unblocking them. Dr Trivedi said that tumours in the uterus can be cured using Calc Fluor. For male infertility, he said that Agnus Castus was a remedy that should be used more often.

The Gynaecology of the Aurum Woman

Myriam ShivadikarMyriam Shivadikar been lecturing and teaching homeopathy for many years and her subject today was the Aurum Woman. She described the Aurum Metallicum woman as wanting to be the best and feeling not good enough, even ugly. In her experience, they are often puny, sickly children with critical fathers, yet supportive mothers. They are super-sensitive to criticism and highly motivated, wanting to be the best. They are industrious and fastidious with very high standards. They invest everything in their ambitions and so often suffer huge disappointment after setbacks. They are typical leaders who understand structure and responsibility. The worst thing for them is if their reputation is damaged. Sometimes they put on weight as a protection and are worse during menopause. Myriam said Morgan Pure is the bowel nosode for Aurum Metallicum.

Myriam also talked about some of the other Aurum remedies, saying that Aurum Mur tend to gain weight and are more sycotic. They want to be the best mothers but can suffer exhaustion as well as hair loss. Aurum Mur Nat are very slim types with Gaertner as their bowel nosode and Pulsatilla acutes. Partners reject them and disappointments can lead to cancer of the uterus. Aurum Kali Mur are very strong people who are task orientated and like to maintain a practical routine.

The Seven Ages of Women

Sarah HamiltonOur last speaker of the day was Sarah Hamilton, who took us on a journey through history. She spoke of the influential thinkers from Newton to Jung and of women as sinners in the story of Adam and Eve. Sarah went on to talk about the goddess Isis and Pagan worship. She took us through all stages from birth to the adult woman, saying that at 33 years, there is an awakening. She discussed psychologists’ theories of development and also the diseases of women, saying that in a consultation setting she lets the patient talk and then questions them afterwards. Sarah touched on the subject of Bioregulatory Medicine. She finished off by playing the very popular video about homeopathy entitled ‘Homeopie’ to much applause!

Seema Malhotra & Hans G SchrauderThe conference ended with a presentation being made to Hans G Schrauder who had been Chairman of the HMA for many years and retired in 2013. Seema Malhotra, HMA Chair thanked Hans for his time and dedication over many years of supporting the HMA and wished him well in all his future endeavours.

This year the conference was extremely relaxed and sociable with lots of homeopaths enjoying the chance to meet up with old and new friends. Next year will be the HMA’s 30th Anniversary, so everyone is looking forward to another exciting conference to celebrate it!

Delegates at the Helios Exhibition StandLouise McLean, LCCH MHMA, is a Council Officer for the HMA and also runs the very popular homeopathy news website, Homeopathy Heals Me