HMA June Summer Seminar 2012

Sunday 24th June 2012

An early start to the day
For a Sunday morning
Well what a treat it was
Regardless of whether the flowers blossomed
We were there
And those who were not
They will never know
What a delightful day
Commencing with Hans G Schrauder
Or was it Costa coffee?


An opening speech was made by the Chair
No tables involved
Straight to the point
With law and order
Informative, the whole politics
A natural speaker by far
Homeopathy at its best
The participants engulfed
Engaged like newly weds


Dr Nikunj Trivedi
Was indeed announced
Adorable as he was, congenital, acquired,
genetic and immunological
Lost his voice but recovered just for now
Restoring abnormal to normal
To wish us all a beautiful day
Lecturing on pathagonomonics
And therapeutics to say the least
He knows his stuff, what a starter to the day
Hear him or not
The disease was there and right beside
The medicine prescribed
And this was his art
Pathagonomicity at its best


Now following tea, biscuits and cake
We moved to Ai-Ling Su
Healing soul wounds with integral homeopathy
A path to freedom
A passion for the soul
Wounded by trauma and the inner self
Long gone was the past
But a 6c or 30c would do the magic
Unfolding the onion layer by layer
A spiritual message indeed
Compassion and love of the patient
Listen and do not speak
It was a journey of truth
Exploring concepts
Comparing integral and classical homeopathy
A vital process in this healing art
Touch within and ignite the truth
To light


Now was lunch
What a delicious scrumptious meal
With a dessert to top the love
Time pressing by as it does
With a wonderful crowd
Enjoying the truth


Dr Torako Yui now to commence
The homeopathic approach to radiation and disaster
Her hypothesis and her love
Was indeed her passion
Combining and indulging
Into unknown so diligently
Like a professor on fire
Visiting patients suffering trauma, shock and more
Homeless in Japan and speechless one remains
At the sadness felt


Suicidal and unworthy
No wonder there were less
They could not make
They could not understand
But to save a life or few
Dr Yui went here and there and everywhere
Teaching what she could
Knowing what she does
What a gift of love
Homeopathy spread
To students but a few
And naturally graduation followed
With a speech or two
Acknowledging staff and all
What a day
Full of hay and joy
No horses were present
But what a wild cow as her pet
Photos and DVD’S we saw
This was her love of people
And this is what she does
I applaud her energy and conviction
Her poetry in summary
Her love of homeopathy
HMA a proud body to be
A professional being
At your service when in need
And this is only the beginning


By Dr Balbir Nandra PhD
Registrar/Council Officer HMA