Annual Conference Report 2013

Louise McLeanBy Louise McLean LCCH, MHMA Sunday 14th April 2013

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This year’s annual conference was once again held at The School of Pharmacy in London and we were fortunate to enjoy a lovely sunny day for it.  After the Annual General Meeting was held, the conference began with the theme:  Homeopathy for Mental Health and three speakers presented different aspects of treatment.

The Spiritual/Bioenergetic basis to Depression, Mania, Schizophrenia, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Hysteria.

The first speaker was Yubraj Sharma who trained as an allopathic doctor and then studied at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital.  He currently integrates spirituality, anthroposophical and Chinese medicine into his homeopathic practice.

Yubraj SharmaYubraj focused on all forms of mental illness from depression, mania and schizophrenia to obsessive-compulsive disorders and hysteria. He looked at the delusions and symptoms from a spiritual point of view, as well as the effects of mental illness from the perspective of the etheric body or aura surrounding the physical body.  Yubraj said that we are now in an era where our physical bodies are becoming lighter and that its most dense phase was in Greek and Roman times.  People who are spiritually stable have a strong etheric body but those with a weak ego or sense of self, may suffer from the effects of its fragmentation and this is extremely common in mental illness.  The etheric body is fully connected to the physical body at the age of 21 years and a sense of following a true destiny is achieved by 28 years.  Yubraj talked about some of the drugs that fragment the aura and said cocaine destroys the basis of ego situated in the brain and heart and heroin takers want to go back to the womb.  He said drugs can cause a person to leave their bodies and get trapped by demons on the astral plane.

Mammal Remedies in the Treatment of Addictions and Eating Disorders (AM)

The second speaker of the morning was Dr Jonathan Hardy whose talk was split into two parts, with the second one after lunch.  Jonathan studied zoology at Oxford University, as well as studying medicine, qualifying in 1984.  He is a council member of the Faculty of Homeopathy and was elected a Fellow in 2010.

Dr Johnathon HardyJonathan started by showing us a series of pictures of animals at their most loving and then went on to talk about the Lac remedies in homeopathy.  He outlined the main features of these and the need for body contact, warmth, intimacy, nourishment, safety and comfort.  The diseased state is the opposite, being cold, empty, dissatisfied, worthless, lacking confidence and having feelings of shame, caused by disturbed parental and family relationships and poor bonding.  The root cause of addictions, such as anorexia and bulimia can usually be traced to the negative state and the Lacs are extremely helpful in treating this.

Jonathon illustrated his talk with a couple of video cases which included a woman who was a heroin addict for ten years and wanted to take over control of the family. She was given Lac Lupinum (wolf’s milk) which proved curative and removed her desire for the heroin, as well as making her feel much happier.

The second case was a man aged 22 who had compulsive eating disorder, the non-union of a fracture of his hand which hadn’t healed in five years and he experienced a recurring dream about school friends he had fallen out with.  After much probing, Jonathan gave him Lac Leoninum (lion’s milk), which not only healed his hand but also brought an end to the dream, helping him overcome his eating problems and making him much more positive.

Mammal Remedies in the Treatment of Addictions and Eating Disorders (PM)

Hans G schrauder with Dr Johnathon HardyAfter we had all enjoyed a good lunch break, Dr Jonathan Hardy returned to deliver the second part of his talk.  Again we were shown excellent video footage.  This time it was a four year old girl with very low vitality, conjunctivitis, gastric disturbance and an eating disorder.  She had been a caesarean birth and the mother described the circumstances which had greatly angered her due to her husband’s insensitive behaviour.  She was left with a feeling of being violated by the fact that immediately after the very difficult birth, her in-laws arrived at the hospital to see and hold the baby, even taking it out of the delivery room without her permission and immediately posting the baby’s picture on Facebook.  The feeling of anger had stayed with the mother for four years.

At this point Jonathan described the Matridonal themes around difficult pregnancies and births, such as being stressed during pregnancy, traumatic delivery, C-Section, an inharmonious post-natal period, unresolved emotional issues concerning the birth, other people living your life, wounding, disempowerment, not being heard and unable to speak your truth.

Change exhibitor Sylvia GoddardThree important birth remedies are Omphalus (umbilical cord), Amniotic Fluid and Placenta.  Both mother and child were given Omphalus 200c in three consecutive consultations.  At the second consultation, the child who had been very quiet and subdued now became more wilful and empowered. The mother also admitted to having had bulimia for many years, which had stopped after taking the remedy.  By the third consultation the child was healthy and the mother reported greater energy and happiness.

The second case Jonathan presented was another girl aged four with autism. She had been very premature and born at 28 weeks, weighing 2 lbs.  An incredibly noisy child who seemed oblivious of others, she had been delayed in her speaking, eating and walking.  This child had a fascination for water and would jump into the swimming pool and go underwater, necessitating the need for at least two adults to supervise!  She also had major sleeping problems and would wake throughout the night, once for a five hour period.  The child also loved to look at the moon. The mother and grandmother described the child as ‘trapped in a bubble’.  It was also stated that the father had been violent and the mother had spent her pregnancy in a women’s refuge.

This child was given Amniotic Fluid 200c and at the next consultation the mother reported the child was sleeping through the night, there was eye contact and more loving behaviour.  By the fourth consultation the child was much more sociable and was having verbal contact with other children.

I Loathe Myself

Geoff JohnsonOur last speaker of the day was homeopathic vet, Geoff Johnson.  Geoff qualified as a vet in 1987 and began using homeopathy in 1999. He is passionate about homeopathy and discussed some cases of remedies for patients who hate themselves, which he says comes under the leprosy miasm.

Geoff’s first case was a woman who had been abandoned by her father and who had an abusive husband.  She was initially given Hydrogen because of her dreams of floating but finally she had Cereus Cactus due to her feelings of being trapped, as well as other indicated symptoms.

Geoff went on to discuss the radioactive remedies and presented a case of a woman with severe headaches, extremely low self esteem, explosive feelings and dreams of flying into outer space.  She was given Radon which cleared the headaches.

Council Officers at The HMA desk


The last case was an insect remedy given to a beautiful singer and artist with neurosis and hayfever.  She had extreme self-hatred.  Again there were dreams of flying and also fears of sudden death, darkness, disease, spiders, maggots and dogs.  She was given Housefly which proved curative.

At the end of Geoff’s talk, the Chairman, Hans G.  Schrauder wrapped up the conference by thanking all the speakers and everyone for coming.  There was a special thanks to Parm Randhawa for all her hard work and organisation. It was agreed that we all had a wonderful day with lots of very interesting new material to think about.